So you are going out on a date to spend some good time with your other half. What would you be discussing about? Should money and financial planning be the first thing for you guys to talk about? When money and finances are talked about even in the perfect relationship, you can find the couples going in opposite direction. However, building the habit of fixing a financial date even if it is once in a year can help cultivate your future relationship and togetherness.

In a family, making a financial plan can come with a lot of issues particularly when it comes to the differences and similarities they will have with certain topics. The solution here is to mark a date on your calendar for your yearly financial date. It is the day to come together as a family, couple or even just yourself to see that you are on the same financial page. It is the time that is spent together for the evaluation of your present situation and then makes financial plans for future purposes. It is a step forward towards achieving your mutual dreams.


Start Immediately
New families tend to concentrate on their instant financial need such as planning for that new house or pregnancy. The issue of retirement does not come to their mind at first. The advantage here is that it makes it easy for them to instigate a habit by beginning the practice of a financial date.

There are some clues on how to go about it:
It can be done when the children have been put to bed The choice of location should be somewhere that is comfy and comforting like say, the living room or even a local tea shop.

The Content of Your Discussions
The financial issues you talk about will change over time. Sometimes spouses keep huge financial secrets from each other which can be hurting. As a couple, it is not advisable to try and deal with financial issues personally given that it affects you both equally. It doesn't matter your relationship level in life, it is better to have this discussion for both your short and long-term goals. You should talk about things like: Your present financial outlook The level of increases and decreases in your income If there are plans for a new home Training the kids through school Taking care of your parents and How you plan to retire.

How Good Is Your Timing?
Different families go through different ups and downs; however, there are pressures that are seasonal and common. You don't want to be fixing your financial date somewhere around a special holiday or as a family man, say school end of the year.

Whoever is paying the bills should not be seated where the bookkeeping is taking place. On the date you are equals. You will want to choose an ideal day with minimal stress and a day that can be associated with something that will serve as a reminder and turn out to a family tradition.

Having That Perfect Financial Date

The essence of setting up a financial date is to get rid of stress and pressure that can come from conversing which sometimes can be rough. It is a practice that can be developed to help tackle big financial issues that affect the party.

There is no point feeling remorseful over past financial mistakes, the whole idea is moving forward. Fix a yearly financial date on your calendar that is dedicated to planning for a better future.

Good Practice

You have to maintain good practice to the safe and secure keeping of your information. The amounts stolen from millions of consumers out there are in billions of dollars, so it is important to focus on security. The rates at which websites are breached are constantly on the rise which has made everyone nervous about security and privacy. These breaches should sound like a wakeup call. You never know if you will be the next target. There are some measures that can be undertaken to better secure your accounts and financial information:

Your password strength should be high making use of numbers, alphabets, characters, upper and lower cases. Your password should be changed at least once a year. For the singular bill payer or income manager, ensure an easy location of account details for the other person should there be an emergency. Set up alerts for your bank transactions. You can ask for a yearly credit report, it is free.

Elderly Couples

Some couples do have common goals as regards what they hope for their financial future. But for some others, they are not united. You might have someone who plans to retire at the age of 60 and then spends the rest of his time travelling across the country. But the spouse might want to work till 75 and then use the rest of the years to golf or play in the garden. These are just differences in their beliefs and in retirement visualization. It might require an objective third party to get rid of the emotions and minimize the stress.

This is where financial services can come in to help them make future alternative plans. This, however, can be difficult to initiate when it comes to older couples particularly when the everyday financials have been handled by one person. To add a new habit to their everyday life only little should be taken at a time. Small steps should be undertaken for them to achieve the big changes they both want.